What are the top 5 benefits of HIIT Training?

Kristin Carmody

Benefits of HIIT Training (high intensity interval training)

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and does WONDERS for the body and the mind. One of the main reasons why most of my clients and friends have an excuse for not making time to workout is .. TIME. Well good news, this style of training does not require a ton of your time and it can be done anywhere!

This is my absolute favorite class to teach at my studio and one of the ways I started my original weight loss journey. According to NASM, "High-intensity, short-duration programs have been found to match or surpass results for functional capacity, muscular power, fat and weight loss, and other metabolic adaptations when compared with moderate intensity, long duration exercise protocols" (2018). Because lets be real, who has time for 2 hours at the gym?

Here are the top 5 benefits of HIIT training:

1. Quick & convenient

The beautiful thing about this training is that it can be done quickly and at any time of the day that works for you, even AT HOME. When first starting out I do recommend going to a HIIT class so you can try some new moves from an instructor and get good group energy. These workouts are NOT easy, so it is nice to have a training partner and motivation when first starting out.

I teach a great HIIT workout in 45 minutes TOPS! This is a great way to save time in your busy day. The benefits start anywhere from 30-45 minutes of high intensity and you are on your way to success and strength!


2. Need little to NO equipment

HIIT workouts can not only be done at home, but you do NOT need any type of equipment to do so! In fact, body weight exercises alone can be super beneficial for the body. If we cannot lift our own body weight up, we should not be moving onto heavy lifting anyways.

The only things you will need for this type of workout is a good playlist, Tabata timer, yoga mat or towel, workout clothes and preferably a good pair of sneakers. THAT'S IT!


3. Great for your heart & lungs

High intensity interval training can be very ... well intense. Therefore, in a HIIT workout, you will be targeting full body movements, but more importantly our cardiovascular and respiratory system. When our heart rate is elevated, we are working our heart tremendously without the harmful effects on our running. Especially if you are doing a HIIT class outside or in a heated room, you receive even more benefits for that maximum heart rate.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in our world today and one of the main reasons is because of sitting all day in a desk chair and not exercising.1 A healthy heart is a healthy life !


4. Increases your metabolism

When you are exercising at a high intensity, you are getting your blood moving! One of the ways we can lose weight is by speeding up our metabolism. In the recovery time and after a HIIT workout, your body is exposed to something called EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption). This means that your metabolism is elevated AFTER your workout. So, when you complete a workout like this, you are burning calories up to 48 hours after your workouts.1 So not only are you crushing your working in real time, but you are also setting yourself up to burn more AFTER the workout is done!


5. Build muscle & burn fat

One of the main goals in HIIT training is to keep the heart rate up to increase fat oxidation and caloric expenditure. So in these short but intense bouts of exercise, you are working your hardest in a short amount of time with the appropriate rest so that you have the energy for the next set.1 This my friends reaches our primary goal! However, the great thing about HIIT is that you are not just doing cardio, but you are completing big muscle movements, which means you are building muscle! So not only are you burning calories and fat, you are building a nice lean muscular body. This is a win situation in my eyes!


SO - if your looking for some great HIIT workouts at home, go to my workouts tab and get to it !


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1. NASM (2018). NASM essentials of personal fitness training, 6th edition.

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