Hi there- My name is Kristin! I am here to share my health and wellness journey because I believe it is my duty as a Health & Wellness professional to give back to the community. Once upon a time I was unhealthy, unhappy, unfulfilled and overweight. If you are feeling unhealthy, know that it is NOT your fault. In the world that we live in today, we sit to do everything including eating, working, driving and watching TV. The problem is that is not what our bodies were designed to do! We were created to thrive, move and stimulate our minds. 


It is NOT easy to make a change.

Here is the good news- I am here to help you.


I want to inspire both men and women of all life stages to fuel & move your body and strengthen your mind through health & wellness education. Through my site I provide health information, but it up to YOU to create the change and act on it


When it comes to health and fitness, it is difficult to follow a strict diet and expensive workout plan. I believe little changes go a long way and you don't have to break your bank doing so. As you explore my site, you can find informational exercise tips, delicious recipes and health and wellness articles to change your life for the better!


Self-love is not selfISH, now lets create that change you are looking for!

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